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Winter Hours (January 1st - March 1st)

Well, it seems this 1964 issue of Metal Men (#7) was the inspiration for Captain Beefheart's improvised lyrics to "Metal Man Has Won His Wings"... at least that's how the story goes.

If you've been to a Doctor Dark concert recently, where "Metal Man" was performed, perhaps you saw a copy fly off the stage into the hands of a lucky audience member. Yes folks, these are the real McCoy and real collectors items -- authentic vintage #7 Metal Men comics from 1964!

Obviously, these gems are in limited supply, but stay alert the next time you're at a show and maybe you, too, could be a lucky recipient!

A very pleased fan at Zappanale 16

Metal Man Has Won His Wings


Wheet! Wheet!

Watch out!
Look out!
Water spout!




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